API HUB for Network Operators


Hubory ON-WEB is our web app that you can take a closer look at here. User-friendliness and speed have been the driving force behind the development of ON-WEB. New features are added continuously.


API is short for Application Programming Interface. An API is necessary to connect different systems - which in turn is necessary to simplify and create automation

With Hubory Order Management, the Network Owners get a solution where service providers can manage their orders through a user-friendly web interface (ON-WEB) or via our API. The API follows industry standards and the ON-WEB should be so easy to use that no user manual is needed. Through Hubory Order Management, service providers can handle activations, upgrades, downgrades, moves, and deactivations. The feature supports direct activation (within seconds) and scheduled provisioning.

Order management in ON-WEB also includes options for a service provider to make selections and export data. For example, orders placed over a certain period.

Hubory Order Management is completely unique in that the service providers use the same interface to handle several different Network Owners.

Hubory Ticket management includes features for handling support tickets and troubleshooting. The service provider makes an address search and Hubory keeps track of network access. In the networks that offer troubleshooting, a comprehensive summary is given of the status of the link. This makes it possible for service providers to troubleshoot with ease directly with the customer.  

If the service provider wants to create a support ticket, the link information follows the bug report and is pushed directly into the case management system or the case is handled in Hubory ON-WEB and by mail notifications. Any personal data is saved as long as the case is open and deleted permanently when the case is closed.  

Hubory Ticket management is completely unique in that the service providers use the same interface to handle several different Open Access Networks.

Manage necessary contracts with the different stakeholders in a digital and paperless way - integrated to OSS/BSS system

Share you address universe with service providers in an efficient way adapted to HOW service providers want to receive address information.

Without correct and updated address information with correct and relevant data labels it´s almost impossible build automated provisioning.

Network Owners that use Hubory Order Management, Ticket management and Troubleshooting have the opportunity to get relevant data presented in a modern dashboard or via custom reports. Hubory Dashboard, for example, tracks which days of the month most new orders come in and trends of different services (broadband speeds).

Do you spend a lot of time on the invoice data for your service providers every month? We can help you!

Service providers in Open Access Networks and Altnets like APIs because it is an effective way of removing manual work. There is an API standard on the market and the development of the next version is in full swing - Hubory is involved in that work.

By connecting the Open Access Networks to Hubory, the Network Owners do not need to consider API management or how to handle issues from service providers who want to use the API. You can simply send these kinds of questions to Hubory.

Do have challenges with synchronizing data between systems, we can integrate and gladly help to implement a more automatic process.

API HUB for Service Providers

For service providers operating in Open Access Networks, collect all your Network Owners in a single interface and work smarter and faster. This is what Hubory HUB is all about and designed for. 

The market expects immediate service! 

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