About Hubory

Sweden has one of the world's best fiber infrastructures due to the work of Swedish Municipal owners and the Open access network strategy. Open-access networks, as the business model is called, invite a healthy competition between service providers, which leads to consumer-friendly prices and wide range of services 

A challenge for both service providers, Network Owners and Network Operators (NOs) working within Open access networks is that there are many ways to handle basic functionality such as order fulfilment and Ticket management in the networks. For service providers that operate nationally, all the different systems, access and business rules can get in the way of good customer service. 

Hubory brings together several of these actors in a robust API HUB and makes relevant functions available through a single secure connection - either through our user-friendly web app (ON-WEB) or via an industry-standard API. 

With Hubory, Network Owners get a technology partner that handles, manages and develops the interfaces in a way that empowers service providers to manage service fulfilment by themselves. The service providers get a solution that gathers several Network Owners in one interface, which makes it possible to work more efficiently and provide a faster and better service to the end customers.


By connecting many open networks to our API HUB, we make it easier for service providers to work more efficiently. Additionally, Network Owners save a lot of time by eliminating manual work. Everything from receiving orders to generating invoice data. Our goal is to contribute to better customer experiences through automation.


Simplifying through automation is our way. For us, automation is all about moving the control as close to the end customer as possible. When the end customers can manage the administration themselves, the risk of human error decreases and the process goes faster. In practice, this means that we are removing unnecessary work through modern and innovative solutions.


By adapting the solution to the requirements of Network Owners and the needs of the Service Providers, we now have the market's best interface for managing orders and tickets in open networks. And thanks to satisfied users who continuously give us valuable feedback, it will only get better and better.